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Separation Agreements

Separation Agreements attorney

There are several types of agreements relative to domestic/family law. Perhaps the most important type of agreement is the Separation/Settlement Agreement. A Separation/Settlement Agreement is an agreement between the husband and wife which contemplates (or is the result of) a separation.

A good Separation Agreement should address every issue in the marriage. Issues that can arise in a marriage may include, but are not limited to: custody, visitation, child support, uncovered medical expenses, educational expenses, health insurance, division of property and debts, alimony, tax matters, retirement issues, restraining orders and attorney fees.

Some of the benefits of a Separation/Settlement Agreement include: (1) Agreements are significantly less expensive than litigating contested issues; (2) Once approved by the Family Court, a Separation Agreement can have the same finality and enforceability as a Final Order; (3) The parties control the outcome of their case; (4) Cases involving Separation Agreements usually take a few weeks to complete, whereas litigation can take years; and (5) Separation Agreements are usually less damaging on family relationships than litigation.